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Calendar - from Middle English calender, Latin calendarium (account book). The Romans called the first day of each month Kalendae, or calends. Debts were due on this day, so books to track payments were called calendarium from which we get our modern day calendar.

Modern Calendar Origins:

Calendar Origins - Where did calendars begin?

Day Name Origins - Where did the Names of Days come from?

Calendar Name Origins - Where did the Names of Months come from?

Months of the Year Origin - Why 12 months in a year?

Why 28 days in February?

Who set the Year 0, AD, BC?

Calendars it Derived From:

Egyptian Calendar

Roman Calendar

Julian Calendar

Calendar Resources

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Calendar Links

2010 Calendars - view a selection of calendars for 2010 for different interests and hobbies.

Roman Calendar - Our modern calendar is closely based on that implemented by Julius Caesar during 46-45 BC, and amended by Pope Gregory XIII in AD 1582.

Calendars Though the Ages - A history of Mayan, Chinese calendars and more!

Pregnancy Calendar - Pregnancy calendar with monthly information on what to expect by trimester.

History of Calendars - Calendars and their history.

Virtual Perpetual Calendars . The Virtual Perpetual Calendar site presents the Gregorian Calendar System through the use of a Year Correlation table and the 14 different calendars that can occur. Includes additional related information like Holidays, Quick Reference Items, Millennium Tables and Century Tables.

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